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       AdwareBOT 2009
  Protect your PC from virus attacks, Trojans, Internet Worms and more!

Is Your PC
Spying On You?

Have you ever used your computer to surf the Web?

Do pop-up advertisements seem to plague you?

Are mysterious sources sucking the performance right out of your PC?

If you've answered yes to any of the above questions, your system is likely infected with malicious Trojans, dialers, worms and other unseen dangers. Without AdwareBOT, all of the information on your PC is up for grabs and at risk.

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AdwareBOT defends your PC from malicious infections and prying eyes.

Do you want to destroy the spyware that is lurking on your hard drive? Would you like to restore the safety and security of your PC? Then you need the protection of AdwareBOT. The new 2009 edition of AdwareBOT uses the industry's most powerful, cutting-edge technology to eliminate all existing spyware risks and prevent the success of future attacks on your system.

The industry's top professionals and foremost experts have spent countless hours developing the technology and harnessing the power of AdwareBOT 2009. This advanced anti-spyware product uses the latest and most comprehensive anti-spyware technology to protect your computer from the broadest range of spyware threats possible, and it does it all without depleting your system resources. This means you get the best anti-spyware protection available anywhere without the hassle of slow system speeds.

Not only does AdwareBOT remove existing spyware threats from your computer, but it also prevents new threats from infiltrating your defenses. With AdwareBOT's automatic update technology, you'll never be left defenseless from the latest spyware outbreaks and malware developments.

Join the millions who are already benefiting from the protection of AdwareBOT. Just think of us as your personal team of security experts, protecting your computer around the clock, keeping your data and your identity safe from those who would exploit you.

  OVERVIEW : The New and Improved AdwareBOT 2009!

A New Interface:
The AdwareBOT 2009 interface has undergone a complete overhaul. The new interface is more user friendly with a streamlined and intuitive look and feel. By simplifying the user interface and enhancing the functionality of the AdwareBOT application, we have ensured that all AdwareBOT 2009 users enjoy the most comprehensive level of anti-spyware protection available.

Advanced Detection and Removal: AdwareBOT performs a deep scan of your hard drive while quickly and effectively eliminating every instance of spyware on your system. This guarantees that your system is completely free from spyware, including stealth spyware applications that many other anti-spyware products aren't able to detect.

Automatic Updates:AdwareBOT isn't just designed for the here and now. When developing this advanced anti-spyware product, we kept the future in mind. We know that the world of spyware is always evolving, which is why our product evolves right along with it. AdwareBOT 2009 automatically updates itself, protecting you from the latest and most dangerous spyware threats. And unlike other anti-spyware products, it won't take forever for AdwareBOT to update. Our updates come in small download packages designed to decrease the duration of the update process.

Customer Support: When it comes to customer service, AdwareBOT leaves the other guys in the dust. Instead of leaving you to sink or swim on your own, AdwareBOT offers two support consultations absolutely free of charge. You can use these consultations to speak with our experts about issue related to installation, definition updates, removal errors and questions or concerns related to the use of AdwareBOT 2009.

Results under 30 Seconds FASTEST SCAN TECHNOLOGY

Tired of waiting to see if your infected? The wait is over!

Of the millions of spyware threats lurking the Web, how many have infected your system? Worms, trojans, keyloggers, dialers --
the list goes on. How many of these have infiltrated the security if your PC? There's no reason to be in the dark with dangers all around you. AdwareBOT 2009 will scan your hard drive and find every instance of spyware on your PC. It will then quickly and effectively remove all spyware threats while preventing future threats from breaking through. Unless your computer is protected by AdwareBOT 2009, it's not really protected at all.

logo AdwareBOT Breakthrough Technology, Cutting-Edge Results
AdwareBOT will protect your computer using the most powerful technology the anti-spyware industry has to offer.

Prevent credit card fraud and identity theft by preventing security breaches of sensitive files, financial records & personal data.

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Small Business
Protect your computers from virus attacks, Trojan infestations, Internet worms and other forms of destructive malware.

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Secure your company's data and prevent unauthorized access to proprietary and sensitive information.

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